Gender: Male
Location: Kryptonian
Known Relatives: Kara Zor-El (Daugthter)
Portrayed By: Simon Ward

Zor-El is a Kryptonian and father of Supergirl in the DC Universe.

The character, created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, first appeared in Action Comics #252 (May 1959).

Within the context of the stories, three distinct versions of Zor-El have been presented but in each case he is the father of Superman's cousin. The character as first introduced survives the destruction of Krypton along with his wife, Alura, and the rest of Argo City. Years later, when a second catastrophe threatens to destroy Argo City, he and his wife send their daughter, born long after the destruction of Krypton, to Earth. Later stories reveal that Zor-El and Alura had escaped the destruction of Argo City in a "survival zone" to be reunited with their grown daughter.

A variation, named Zor-L, appeared in Showcase #98 (March 1978) in a story set in the publisher's Earth-Two continuity as the father of Power Girl.

Both of these versions of the character were removed from in-story continuity as part of Crisis on Infinite Earths along with most of the material related to Supergirl and the Earth-Two version of Superman.

When the Kara Zor-El version of Supergirl was re-introduced in "The Supergirl from Krypton" in 2004, Zor-El was also re-introduced. In this version Zor-El, a noted artist, and Alura, a scientist, send their daughter to Earth during the destruction of Krypton, intending her to help raise her infant cousin. He survives the destruction along with the rest of Argo City due to a protective dome around it constructed by Alura. He is also among those not killed as "duplicate information" when Brainiac merges Argo City with the previously shrunken Kandor. Zor-El is reunited with his daughter when Kandor is restored in the story arc "New Krypton". During the arc he is killed by Reactron which sets up limited series and arcs Superman: World of New Krypton, "Last Stand of New Krypton", and Superman: War of the Supermen. During Blackest Night, a crossover storyline that ran concurrently with Superman: World of New Krypton, he is among the dead resurrected as Black Lanterns.

Superman Films
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SupermanSuperman IISuperman IIISuperman IV: The Quest for Peace
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SupergirlSuperman II: The Richard Donner CutSuperman ReturnsMan of SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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