The Angel Trap
The Angel Trap
Appeared in III, VI
Type of Trap Generic (inescapable)
Victims Allison Kerry (inescapable; deceased)

The Angel Trap is a generic trap in the Saw films.


Allison Kerry, a detective who worked on the Jigsaw cases, woke up suspended above the floor of an abandoned building, in a contraption which consisted of a leather harness, hung from the ceiling by numerous chains, lining her torso with two sets of needles on either side.

Upon further examination of her harness, she found that the two sets of needles attached to her torso were connected to her ribcage, each needle hooking into an individual rib. Each array of needles was attached to one of two metal arches resting behind her, that, for the time being, remained folded. Hanging before her was a jar filled with acid into which a key was dropped upon her regaining consciousness. The jar was also suspended by chains, and was tightly fastened so as to be unable to tip over. A television turned on in front of her and delivered the instructions to Kerry's test.

Billy informed Kerry that she was placed in the test because she was "dead on the inside," explaining why she was so adept at her job as a Forensic Detective. He also implied that the device Kerry was equipped with would tear her ribcage from her body, knowing that Kerry would understand from her experience with Jigsaw's previous tests.

Billy told her that she would have one minute to retrieve the key from the jar before the key was dissolved by the acid and before the timer on the device ran out. After hesitating, Kerry plunged her hand into the jar, severely burning it, but failed to grab the key. Screaming in pain, she plunged her hand in a second time and successfully retrieved the key. She pulled out her bloodied, severely corroded hand, and unlocked the padlock on her harness.

Upon removing the lock, however, she found that she was unable to remove the harness itself. It is then that she realized that the trap was never intended to be escapable, as each of the pins were hooked directly into her ribcage, and there was a second lock at the back of the device that held it in place. As Kerry realized this, Amanda entered the room, revealing herself as the inventor of the trap. With that revelation, Kerry raised her arms and clenched the chains she was hanging from as the two arms attached to the harness swiftly arched upwards in a similar manner to a pair of wings (hence the name of the trap), and pulled each side of the harness with them, causing the needles embedded in her torso to rip both sides of her ribcage out in opposite directions. She soon collapsed and died in the leather straps as her internal organs spilled out onto the floor. The Angel Trap was later discovered by Officer Rigg and Detective Hoffman, followed by Strahm and Perez.

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