Rev. Timothy Farthing
Timothy Farthing
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Frank Williams
First Appearance: Dad's Army (1971 film)

The Rev. Timothy Farthing, usually referred to simply as The Vicar or His Reverence, is a fictional vicar portrayed by Frank Williams on the BBC television sitcom Dad's Army.

Farthing is the petulant, ineffectual, but kind and well-meaning vicar of St Aldhelm's Church, Walmington-on-Sea. Neither on the side of the Home Guard, nor the ARP Wardens, he attempts to care for "The spiritual needs of (his) parishioners", despite the many setbacks presented during the war, such as having to share his church hall and office with both the pompous Captain Mainwaring and the uncouth Warden Hodges. He is portrayed as a spiritual and learned man, and is shown to be a Master of Arts of the University of Oxford by his academic hood, worn in the episode "All is Safely Gathered In".

In many episodes he ends up embroiled in the escapades of the platoon, often by accident, and he joins the Home Guard briefly in "The Recruit". In the episode "Time on My Hands" it is revealed that his hobby is archery, when he uses his skills and equipment to rescue the platoon. This episode also includes one of many insinuations from Chief Warden Hodges that the slightly effeminate Vicar may have homosexual tendencies: "I've heard you're an expert in fairies".

The Vicar's sexuality is left open to speculation but he is never seen to have a romantic attachment to anyone of either sex; however in the episode "The Captain's Car", the Vicar expected a kiss from a visiting French general and was annoyed when he did not receive one. The Reverend Timothy Farthing is also fond of whisky and there is a recurring gag (in pub situations) where Captain Mainwaring will offer to buy the Vicar a drink and the Vicar will respond "a double whisky (or scotch) please" at a time when whisky was in short supply and expensive. Just as Captain Mainwaring is resigning himself to pay for this expensive beverage the Verger will usually insist that Captain Mainwaring change "his Reverence's" order to a single rather than a double as "he's a martyr to it". When Mainwaring orders a single rather than a double the Vicar will then inform him that he has "noticed" this and insinuate that Captain Mainwaring is mean.

Dad's Army

Dad's Army (1971)Dad's Army (2016)


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