Mr Yeatman
Maurice Yeatman
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Edward Sinclair
First Appearance: Dad's Army (1971 film)

Maurice Yeatman is a fictional verger and captain of the local Sea Scouts portrayed by Edward Sinclair on the BBC television sitcom Dad's Army.

Mr Yeatman is the local verger and captain of the local Sea Scouts unit. Although his name is Maurice, in the episode 'War Dance,' Jones announces both he and his battleaxe wife as "Mr and Mrs Henry Yeatman". He was often hostile to the platoon. Labelled a "troublemaker" by Jones, he is ridiculously loyal to the vicar, and to his good friend and accomplice to Hodges when it comes to causing problems for the platoon. He is constantly asserting the Vicar's opinions on subjects often only to have the Vicar tell him to "be quiet, Mr Yeatman" and override him or simply to restate what Mr Yeatman has already said in his own words. Often when the Verger puts forward a morally judgemental opinion the Vicar will respond that "I've really no idea".

Apart from the menial task of cleaning the hall (Mr Yeatman is referred to in early episodes simply as "the caretaker" and almost always seen to be carrying a yellow duster) he occupies a position of complete political impotence and when the need for his presence at an event is questioned he will respond "I'm here in my capacity". Often when Captain Mainwaring and the Reverend Timothy Farthing or other members of the cast hand each other a physical MacGuffin important to the plot (for example the money in "High Finance") the Verger will interject snatching the object off the person it has been given to only to hand it back to them in order to make clear his "important" but superfluous role in the administrative processes of the parish.

Mr Yeatman is also in charge of counting the church collections after services which he often does in the Red Lion public house. Throughout the series, there are numerous insinuations from Lance-Corporal Jones and Chief Warden Hodges that Mr Yeatman is engaged in the systematic embezzlement of church funds, but the Vicar seems to be either in denial of this reality, too trusting and naive to believe it or he simply turns a blind eye.

Dad's Army

Dad's Army (1971)Dad's Army (2016)


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