Melvin Plugg
Melvin Plugg
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Robert Jayne
First Appearance: Tremors

Melvin Plugg is a character from Tremors, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection and two episodes in Tremors: The Series: Feeding Frenzy and Water Hazard. He is played by Robert Jayne in all the movies and the TV Series. He is disliked by Burt, Earl, Val and almost everyone else in Perfection. He is the only character, besides Burt, to be played by the same actor in both the films and the TV series. Burt often refers to him as a "Little Turd."


TremorsTremors 2: AftershocksTremors 3: Back to PerfectionTremors 4: The Legend BeginsTremors 5: Bloodlines


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