Mason Verger
Mason Verger
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Margot Verger (sister)
Molson Verger (father, deceased)
Portrayed By: Gary Oldman
First Appearance: Hannibal

Mason Verger is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Thomas Harris' 1999 novel Hannibal, as well as its 2001 film adaptation and the second and third season of the TV series Hannibal. In the film, he is portrayed by Gary Oldman, while in the TV series he is portrayed by Michael Pitt and Joe Anderson.

Verger is a surviving victim of Hannibal Lecter. Lecter drugged Verger and then convinced him to simultaneously hang himself and cut off most of his own face with a piece of glass, then feed it to his dogs. His neck broken, Verger is left crippled and horrifically deformed. Prior to his disfigurement by Lecter, Verger was a sexual deviant and a sadistic pedophile who continued to enjoy watching children suffer after his crippling. He also planned to use his vast fortune to capture and murder Lecter in revenge.

Character overview

Mason Verger is introduced in the novel Hannibal as a wealthy sexual sadist who was horribly disfigured during a therapy session with Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He plans gruesome revenge against Lecter, which sets the novel's plot in motion. The novel and TV series also portray his dysfunctional relationship with his twin sister Margot, whom he subjects to years of emotional abuse.

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