Little Miss Millions
Little Miss Millions poster
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Mike Elliott
Written by R.J. Robertson
Jim Wynorski

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Howard Hesseman
Anita Morris
James Avery
Pat Brady
Rick Dean
Antonia Dorian
Robert Fieldsteel

Music by Joel Goldsmith
Release 1993
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Little Miss Millions, also known as Home for Christmas, is a 1993 American comedy film directed by Jim Wynorski and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Heather Lofton (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is nine years old, she comes from a very rich family, but somehow she's not so lucky, in fact her stepmother can't stand her. Heather is then forced to escape away from home, searching for her real mother. The woman the little girl has been put under the care of charges a private investigator in order to find her. But in the process, Heather's rotten stepmother frames him, he becomes wanted for kidnapping her.


  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Heather Lofton (as Love Hewitt)
  • Howard Hesseman as Nick Frost
  • Anita Morris as Sybil Lofton
  • James Avery as the Agent Noah Hollander
  • Robert Fieldsteel as Agent Bellows
  • Steve Landesberg as Harvey Lipschitz
  • Terri Treas as Susan Ferris
  • Paul Hertzberg as Delbert Botts
  • Lenny Juliano as Legs Dooley
  • Michelle Failey as the little girl
  • Patrick J. Statham as Security Guard and Man Knocked Over by Santa
  • Dee Booher as Sarge (as Queen Kong)
  • Rick Dean as Blues
  • Toni Naples as Biker Chick
  • Pat Brady as Spudman
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