Jodi Chang
Jodi Chang
Gender: Female
Portrayed By: Susan Chuang
First Appearance: Tremors

Jodi Chang (Susan Chuang in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Lela Lee in Tremors: The Series) is the niece of Walter Chang. She is the current owner of Chang's Market in Perfection, Nevada, and is currently taking advantage of it being a Graboid hot-spot. Overly organized Jodi was on the corporate fast-track in San Francisco until she discovered that she couldn't stand to work for anybody else. Facing her life's first big crisis, she bailed out to take over her late, eccentric Uncle Walter's general store. It's her chance to prove herself, and she dedicates her life to "growing the business of this theme-related retail outlet."

As soon as she arrived she renovated the store and got rid of abandoned buildings and trailers. She also cleaned up the old junk yard moving it further away from the town, which provided a great hiding place in the third movie. All of this was in the name of attracting tourists.


TremorsTremors 2: AftershocksTremors 3: Back to PerfectionTremors 4: The Legend BeginsTremors 5: Bloodlines


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