Driving Miss Daisy
Driving Miss Daisy poster
Directed by Bruce Beresford
Produced by Richard D. Zanuck
Lili Fini Zanuck

Morgan Freeman
Jessica Tandy
Dan Aykroyd
Esther Rolle
Patti Lupone

Music by Hans Zimmer
Editing by Mark Warner
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release December 15, 1989
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $7.5 million
Gross revenue $145,793,296

Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 American comedy-drama film adapted from the Alfred Uhry play of the same name. The film was directed by Bruce Beresford, with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as Hoke Colburn and Jessica Tandy playing Miss Daisy. The story defines Daisy and her point of view through a network of relationships and emotions by focusing on her home life, synagogue, friends, family, fears, and concerns over a 25-year period.


Mrs. ("Miss") Daisy Werthan (Jessica Tandy), a 72-year-old wealthy white Jewish widowed school teacher, lives alone in Atlanta, Georgia, except for an African American housemaid named Idella (Esther Rolle). When Miss Daisy wrecks her car, her son, Boolie (Dan Aykroyd), hires Hoke Coleburn (Morgan Freeman), a chauffeur who drove for a local judge until he recently died. Miss Daisy at first refuses to let Hoke drive her, but gradually starts to accept him.

When Miss Daisy finds out that Hoke is illiterate, she teaches him how to read. As Miss Daisy and Hoke spend time together, she gains appreciation for his many skills and the two become friends. After Idella dies in 1963, rather than hire a new maid, Miss Daisy decides to care for her own house and cook her own meals. Hoke assists with the cooking and the two plant a vegetable garden.

The film exposes the racism and prejudice that permeated American society at the time, such as when Alabama highway patrolmen make bigoted comments about Miss Daisy' religion and Hoke's race. After her synagogue is bombed, Miss Daisy realizes that she is also the victim of prejudice. But American society is undergoing radical changes, and Miss Daisy attends a dinner at which Dr. Martin Luther King gives a speech. She initially invites Boolie to the dinner, but he declines, and suggests that Miss Daisy invite Hoke. However, Miss Daisy only asks him to be her guest during the car ride to the event and ends up attending the dinner alone, with Hoke insulted by the manner of the invitation, listening to the speech on the car radio outside.

Hoke arrives at the house one morning in 1971 to find Miss Daisy agitated and showing signs of dementia. Hoke calms her down and Miss Daisy tells Hoke that he is her best friend. Boolie arranges for Miss Daisy to enter a retirement home. In 1973, Hoke, now 81, retires. Boolie and Hoke drive to the retirement home to visit Miss Daisy, now 97. As Hoke feeds her and reminisces about the many years he spent driving her, the image of a car is seen driving into the distance.


  • Morgan Freeman as Hoke Colburn
  • Jessica Tandy as Daisy Werthan
  • Dan Aykroyd as Boolie Werthan
  • Patti LuPone as Florine Werthan
  • Esther Rolle as Idella
  • Joann Havrilla as Miss McClatchey
  • William Hall, Jr. as Oscar
  • Muriel Moore as Miriam
  • Sylvia Kaler as Beulah
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